DEADLINE July 7, 2023

Abstracts that do not conform to the guidelines indicated in bold type
below will be returned for correction!!!

AMLI encourages submission of abstracts in the following areas:

  1. Original basic or clinical research in the field of immunology
  2. Novel immunological assays for diagnostic purposes
  3. Case studies
  4. The clinical utility or impact on clinical practice of immunological diagnostic assays
  5. Quality or process improvements in the immunology laboratory
  6. Method comparisons – novel assays

No more than three (3) abstracts will be accepted from an individual author or entity.

Guidelines for submission:

  1. Submit a single page (one-sided), single spaced, in the following format: Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusions
  2. Underline the name of the presenting author.
  3. Email abstract as ONE file, with the file named your last name followed by first name initial. If submitting more than one abstract, please put a number at the end of the file name.
  4. Email all abstracts and the abstract release form to Abstract Release Form
  5. Participants whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to present their work in the scheduled Poster Sessions. Poster positions are not assigned … position is on a first come first served basis.  The Poster Boards are approximately 8 feet wide by 4 feet high.
  6. Please include on a separate page of the same file the presenter’s name (presenter or representative must be present at the meeting), address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, title of abstract, and a restatement of the objectives in the following format:
    From viewing and discussing my poster the participants should be able to:  a. Describe . . . b. Recognize . . . c. Evaluate . . .” Objectives must start with an action verb so that the activity can be measurable.


  1. There are three categories of awards for your abstract submission. The winner of each category will receive a check for $500.
      • The Young Investigator Award. Applicants must be 35 years old or younger.
      • Peter Maxim Memorial Clinical Laboratory Scientist Award. Applicants are to be a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. The abstract must be submitted with Scientist as first author and recipient must attend the meeting and the poster session.
      • Doctorate Award. Applicants are to be a Ph.D. or M.D.

If you are submitting more than one abstract, please enter only ONE into the competition.
Please indicate on your cover page which award you are eligible for.

      8. Travel Allowance Scholarship:
The AMLI will award a limited number of travel allowance scholarships for graduate students, post-doctoral level laboratorians and med techs who submit an abstract accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting. The scholarship recipient must present the poster. Only one scholarship will be provided per accepted abstract, and per individual regardless of the number of abstracts accepted. AMLI will reimburse travel expenses up to $1000/recipient and waive the registration fee for the Meeting only. If more applicants submit accepted abstracts than the number of travel allowance scholarships available, scholarships will be awarded based on abstract receipt dates. Scholarship recipients will be notified upon abstract acceptance. No one shall receive a travel scholarship more than twice in a five-year period.

Please indicate on your cover page whether you would like to be considered for one of a limited number of $1000 Travel Allowance Scholarships.

Your abstract should be submitted to

Please indicate on your cover page whether you would like to be considered for one of a limited number of $1000 Travel Allowance


   9. Future Leaders in Medical Laboratory Immunology Award

This year, the Association of Medical Laboratory Immunologists (AMLI) is launching the Future Leaders in Medical Laboratory Immunology Award.  The award is intended to identify rising stars in the field of clinical and diagnostic immunology through their work and facilitate opportunities for these emerging medical laboratory immunologists to network with AMLI leaders and members. Participants whose abstract demonstrates novelty and significance will be invited to present their work in an 8-minute oral presentation at the AMLI Annual Meeting in Seattle, August 11-14.  In recognition of their effort and contribution, successful applicants will also be given the Future Leaders in Medical Laboratory Immunology Award and 2 years of complimentary AMLI membership.

Applicants should ideally be enrolled in a graduate (master’s degree in medical laboratory science or equivalent) or post-graduate training program at the time of application. Post-graduate training must be related to the practice of medical laboratory immunology (ex. fellowships in clinical immunology, histocompatibility and immunogenetics, clinical chemistry, or clinical microbiology or residency in pathology, allergy and immunology or other medical specialties). Graduates or post-graduate fellows within two-years of completing their training are also eligible to apply.

Submission Requirements

  1. Name of applicant, training institutions, academic qualification(s), job title and affiliation(s)
  2. An abstract focused on a project related to medical laboratory immunology that adheres to the guidelines for general abstract submission (see above).
  3. A letter of support from a mentor describing the applicant’s accomplishments in medical laboratory immunology and potential as a future leader in this field.
  4. A brief statement from the applicant describing their interest in becoming a leader in laboratory immunology and how they think that this opportunity could help them achieve this goal.

Email all abstracts, letters of support and statements of interest to