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Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology Eighth Edition

Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology (ASM Books) - Kindle edition by Detrick, Barbara, Hamilton, Robert G., Schmitz, John L.. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @

For more than 40 years the Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology has served as the premier guide for the clinical immunology laboratory. Led by Editor-in-Chief, Barbara Detrick, the Manual has reflected the exponential growth in the field of immunology over the past decades from basic serology testing to the present wide range of molecular analyses. This eighth edition reflects the latest advances and developments in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with infectious and immune-mediated disorders.

The Manual features detailed descriptions of general and specific methodologies, placing special focus on the interpretation of laboratory findings, and covers the immunology of infectious diseases, including specific pathogens, as well as the full range of autoimmune and immunodeficiency diseases, cancer, and transplantation.

Written to guide the laboratory director, the Manual will also appeal to other laboratory scientists, especially those working in clinical immunology laboratories, and pathologists. It is also a useful reference for physicians, mid-level providers, medical students, and allied health students with an interest in the role that immunology plays in the clinical laboratory.

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Basic and Clinical Immunology by Names. From the Biblical Time Until the Present

Do you want to know and teach your students who were Julius Petri (Petri dish), Nicolas Arthus (Arthus reaction), Burrill Crohn (Crohn’s disease), Thomas Hodgkin (Hodgkin’s lymphoma), Carl Wilhelm von Kupffer (Kupffer cells), Paul Langerhans (Langerhans cells), Johann Peyer (Peyer’s patches), Jules Freund (Freund’s adjuvant) and learn more from the very first comprehensive collection of immunologic eponyms?

Do you remember who coined the terms allergy, nucleic acid, anaphylaxis, chemotherapy, phagocytosis, dermatoses, the reticuloendothelial system, biopsy, antivirus, leukemia, thrombosis, parenchyma, hemophilia, tuberculosis, or vaccine?

Do you want to learn who created a surgical mask, was the first to use medical gloves during surgery, performed the first splenectomy and hepatectomy, developed a cystoscope and microphotography, or saved Winston Churchill’s life during WWII?

Now you can learn a lot of new, unusual, and unique facts about the history of immunology from the recently published book “Basic and Clinical Immunology by Names. From the Biblical Time Until the Present”.

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