ARTICLE I Membership

Section 1. Procedure for Fellowship or Regular Membership.

Candidates for Fellowship or regular membership shall apply to the Secretary. Applications must include a curriculum vitae and cover letter highlighting the applicants interest and/or experience in Medical Laboratory Immunology. The membership committee shall review the eligibility of the applicant and provide a list of the prospective candidates to the Council at the Annual Meeting. The Council may grant by majority vote provisional membership to eligible applicants prior to the Annual Meeting. A list of qualified applicants and provisional members shall be posted at the Annual Meeting. New members are elected to membership at the Business Meeting of the Annual Meeting.

Section 2. Termination of Membership.

Failure to pay dues when applicable shall annul membership. The Council may reinstate a member upon submission of application for reactivation of membership and payment of current dues.

ARTICLE II Terms for Officers and Councilors

Section 1. Officers.

The President shall serve for 2 years. The Vice-President serves 2 years in that office and becomes President in the third year. The Secretary shall serve for a term of 3 years. A Secretary-Elect shall be elected every third year and shall serve 1 year in that office before assuming the office of Secretary for 3 years. The Treasurer shall serve for a term of 3 years. A Treasurer-Elect shall be elected every third year and shall serve 1 year in that office before assuming the office of Treasurer for 3 years. The election of the Secretary-Elect and the Treasurer-Elect will not occur in the same year. The Past President will serve as a member of the Council for 2 years. Election shall be by secret ballot. The term of office shall begin on October 1 following their election.

Section 2. Councilors.

There shall be three Councilors who shall serve terms of 3 years, one being elected each year. A fourth Councilor position shall be occupied exclusively by a regular or fellow member who has not earned a doctoral level degree who will also be elected and serve for a term of 3 years. A Councilor may not seek election to any office whose term would be in conflict with that of his Council position without first resigning his office in sufficient time to allow the Nominating Committee to consider nominations to fill the vacancy and the membership to elect a new Councilor at the time of the regular election. The term of office shall begin October 1 following the Annual Meeting at which the Councilor is announced.

Section 3. Limitations.

No person who has served as President shall be eligible for re-election or appointment as Vice-President-Elect within 5 years after completing the term of office. The Secretary, Treasurer and Councilors shall not be eligible for re-election to the same office or position within 5 years after completing the term of office.

Section 4. Filling of Vacancies.

Should a vacancy occur in any elected position, the Council, by majority vote, shall designate a member of the Association to fill the unexpired term.

Section 5. Attendance at Meetings.

Any elected member of the Council who misses two consecutive Council Meetings may, at the discretion of the Council, be asked to resign his/her position.

ARTICLE III Committees

Section 1. Membership Committee.

This committee shall consist of the Secretary, who shall serve as the Chair, the Vice-President and the Secretary Elect. The primary function of this committee is to determine eligibility of all those who apply for appropriate membership status in the AMLI on the basis of criteria approved by the Council and consistent with Article 1, Section 1 of the By-Laws. The Membership Committee may undertake appropriate activities to maintain the existing membership roster as well as to promote further growth within the Association.

Section 2. Scientific Affairs Committee.

The Scientific Affairs Committee shall be responsible for the scientific content and quality of the Annual Meeting, symposia, workshops and special courses. The Committee shall be composed of the AMLI President, who serves as committee chair, the Past President, the Vice-President, the local Host for the current Annual Meeting, and the chairperson of the education committee. The Local Host Chair is appointed by the Council and may also appoint others to join a Local Host Committee, if approved by the President.

Section 3. Nominating Committee.

This Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the President, each of whom shall serve 3 years, one being appointed each year. The senior member of the Committee shall serve as the Chair. Committee members may not currently be serving on the Council of the Association.

Section 4. Finance Committee.

This Committee will consist of the Treasurer, who will serve as the Chair, the Vice-President, the Treasurer Elect and two appointed members. One member is appointed each year by the President to serve for a period of two years.

Section 5. Other Committees.

These committees shall serve at the discretion of the President and may be formed to meet special needs or requirements

  • Constitution and By-Laws Committee. This Committee will consist of the Past President, who shall serve as the Chair, the President and Vice-President. This committee shall be convened only as needed and determined by the President with the advice of the Council.
  • Long-Range Planning Committee. This committee shall be convened only as deemed necessary to meet the needs of the Association. The President shall appoint up to 5 members to develop a long-range plan for the Association.
  • Government and Industry Liaison Committee. This committee shall be appointed by the President to serve a two year term and shall meet to respond to specific issues. The committee shall consist of 5 members.

Section 6. New Committee Working Committees.

These committees will meet to conduct business in areas where members have special interests or there are special needs concerning the Association. Any member of the Association is invited to join these committees and serve as long a term as they desire. Chairs of the committees will be named by the President.

  • Education Committee. The responsibility of this committee is to generate educational opportunities to members of the Association through facilities available during the Annual Meeting as well as the organization of short courses and/or regional workshops under the auspices of the Council. The Chair of the Education committee will serve as an ex officio member of the Council.
  • Standards Committee. The responsibility of this committee is to identify and evaluate appropriate sources of standard or reference reagents for clinical immunology assays. This committee may function as a center for the accumulation of information and resources concerning the comparative evaluation, standardization and quality control of diagnostic devices. These efforts may represent opportunities for participation in quality assurance programs and collaborative work among members of AMLI or between AMLI and other professional organizations. The chair of this committee serves as an ex officio member of the council.
  • Website Committee. This committee consists of a Chair appointed by the President and up to 3 additional AMLI members selected by the Chair with approval of the Council. The responsibility of this committee is to obtain material appropriate for the Society website. The Chairman of the Website committee may either designate an appropriate committee member to maintain the website and post appropriate material, or, with Council approval, contract with an outside person or organization to maintain the website. The Website committee Chair is an ex officio member of the Council.

Section 7. Committee Procedures.

Except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, a majority of a committee shall constitute a quorum thereof, and the acts of the majority of those present at a meeting which a quorum is present, shall be the acts of the committee. Meetings of each committee shall be called by the Chair of the committee. Each committee shall render such reports at such time as the Council may require.

ARTICLE IV Publications

The Association of Medical Laboratory Immunologists is empowered to publish or to enter into agreements with others to publish journals, proceedings, manuals or other publications as may be authorized by a majority of the Council.

ARTICLE V Financial

Section 1. Fiscal Year.

The official fiscal year shall be from January 1st  through December 31st.

Section 2. Membership Dues.

Annual dues are payable on October 1 [preceding the beginning of the fiscal year]. Dues for Fellowship, regular and student members will be established by the majority vote of the Council and changes may be made periodically as deemed necessary.

Section 3. Financial Statement.

All statements of net assets and related statements of income and expenditures and capital funds shall be reviewed annually by an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A financial statement of the assets of the association shall be published annually.

Section 4. Signatory Power.

The President and Treasurer shall have signatory powers for the funds of the Association.

Section 5. Divestiture.

It is intended that the existence of the Association shall be perpetual. However, should the Association be terminated for any reason, the residual funds of the Association shall be assigned to one or more not for profit organizations engaged in scientific activities similar to those of the Association.

ARTICLE VI Amendments to the Bylaws

Amendments to the Bylaws shall be made according to the same procedure as amendments to the Constitution, except that a majority vote shall suffice for ratification both in the Council and by mail ballot.