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AMLI 2020 Meeting Videos
and Supplemental Material

The links below will take you to videos, abstracts, and the syllabus book for the AMLI 2020 Meeting.

You will only be able to access these pages if you are a meeting registrant.  As a registrant, you can access only the videos for the sessions for which you are registered.  All registrants have access to abstracts and the syllabus.

If you have problems, please send e-mail to



 Introduction and General Information, click here.

Abstracts, click here.

Session 1: Histocompatibility Testing and Transplant Immunology, click here.

Session 2: Acquired Immune Defects and Chronic Infections, click here.

Session 3: Secondary Immunodeficiency and Immunotherapy Monitoring, click here.

Session 4: ANA Update, Antibody Testing for COVID-19, click here.

Session 5: Emerging Infectious Diseases and New Algorithms for Testing HIV, Lyme, etc., click here.