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Susan Copple,


•  Susan Copple is a medical technologist with board
certification as a Specialist in Immunology.
•  For 11 years she was the Autoimmune Technical Supervisor
at ARUP Laboratories, a large reference laboratory in Salt
Lake City, Utah.
•  She earned her Master of Science in Laboratory Medicine
and Biomedical Science at the University of Utah where she
was an adjunct professor, teaching senior level Immunology.
•  Susan has served on many professional committees including
the IUIS/WHO/AF/CDC Committee for the Standardization of
Autoantibodies in Rheumatic and Related Diseases.
•  Susan is a speaker and has authored many papers on
autoimmune topics.
•  She joined Inova Diagnostics, now Werfen , in 2012 as is
currently working as their Senior Clinical Science Manager .