2018 Council Meeting
Scottsdale, AZ
August 16th, 6 PM

The 2018 AMLI Council meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM on August 16th, 2018. The council unanimously approved the 2017 Council Meeting minutes.

AMLI Council and Committee Reports

President’s report – Vijaya Knight, President
Congratulations to the scientific affairs committee on putting together an excellent meeting for 2018! Other significant activities including collaborations with CIS, FOCIS, CAP (through the DIRC), FDA and ABB will be discussed later in the meeting.

Secretary’s report (Provided by Maggie Fogel in place of Mary Mayo)
AMLI approved 8 new members for 2018. The association has a total of 104 members to date. Discussion included suggestions on improving data for the list of AMLI member, including updating names of ABMLI diplomates.

Registration for the 2018 meeting increased significantly from past years and included 104 individual registrants, 72 exhibitors and 20 speakers, for a total of 200+ attendees. It was noted that the exact numbers of attendees is challenging to gauge due to complimentary registration provided to exhibitors. The council discussed limiting complimentary registrations to 3 per exhibitor.

Finance Committee – Sara Nandiwada, Treasurer and Chair
Net income for 2018 was $110,000. The increase in income was largely due to exhibitors’ fees and registration for the annual meeting. Meeting expenses were expected to increase for hotel catering and dinner. Discussion included suggestions for increasing our membership. It was noted that support for educational activities that historically came from industry is decreasing, perhaps because of mergers and acquisitions. The Council discussed a change in the AMLI fiscal year to Jan-Dec that would coincide with the annual tax year and make it easier to track finances and allow for more accurate calculations in income/expense. This proposed change will be sent out for a vote. Overall, AMLI has seen a moderate increase in exhibitor meeting registration, decrease in regular and corporate membership dues, significant increase in meeting costs and projected speaker travel expenses. While we hope to come out even this year, the Finance Committee’s report indicates AMLI could work towards better exposure and attracting new members, both individual and corporate.

Nominating Committee:John Schmitz, Chair
The council discussed upcoming openings for secretary, councilor and president-elect. Council discussed a self-nomination process for councilor positions and proposed a change to the by-laws to allow interested members to self-nominate for council positions. Dr. Qasim Ansari will be the new AMLI president after the 2019 annual meeting, leaving the position of vice-president open for nominations.

Education Committee– Jeff Rossio, Chair
The Education Committee was reorganized after resignation of the former Chair, and will be reconstructed in 2019.

CME Committee Chair– Tony Bakke
ASCP and ASCLS paperwork was completed, however, we were late in getting all required documentation to the CME chair. It was noted that sessions chairs should get their paperwork, including speaker names, titles of talks and learning objectives in by March so that the paperwork for CE/CME documentation is ready well before the meeting. The council also discussed expansion of the education committee and request for volunteers to add content to the website.

Website Committee: – Jeff Rossio, Chair
AMLI contracted with a new company that will work on the website using WordPress to publish the website. Word Press will make editing and updating the website easier, thereby allowing AMLI to post new content easily.  Additionally, WordPress can connect to PubMed and would enable AMLI to post links to new publications by members. Discussions for the website included posting meeting lectures (video and audio) on the website and the potential for live webcasting of the meeting. Live webcasts could be made available to members only and would require a password. The discussion also included developing content for the website in the form of mini-courses or reviews and whether they could be utilized for CME/CE credits.

Exhibitor Committee– Maggie Fogel
The exhibitor committee has not changed since 2016 and needs new volunteers who are interested in working with industry. Discussion included evaluating vendor lists from other meetings such as AACC and ACR. In terms of attracting new companies/exhibitors, the discussion included whether to allow new, emerging companies a speaking opportunity (lunch/breakfast session) in lieu of our core supporters. The council also discussed whether AMLI should set a limit of 3 years for a company to make use of a speaking opportunity and make way for other exhibitors to present and additionally, open up a dinner session.

Abstract review committee for 2018:
Svetlana Dambaeva, Wayne Hogrefe, Harry E. Prince, Maria Willrich, Chelsea Bentow
All awards were decided in time for the meeting. A large number of abstracts had a commercial focus and multiple abstracts were submitted from the same company. Discussion included perhaps limiting to 3 abstracts per company or per author. First authors should attend the meeting to present. The quality of abstracts has been falling and we should encourage submission of more interesting abstracts from our membership.

Old Business

Educational activities: Jeff Rossio: Lectures from previous AMLI meeting will be posted on the website with 30 days.

AMLI liaison member to CAP’s DIRC committee, Vijaya Knight: The DIRC committee conducted a survey of laboratories performing testing for T and B cell subpopulations including naïve, memory and recent thymic emigrant T cells. The survey results indicated that there is interest in CAP providing a proficiency testing program for these analyses. The DIRC is planning to run an educational challenge in October as a first pass towards potentially developing proficiency testing material.

2018 Awards – Maggie Fogel

Neter Award – Harry R. Hill
Doctorate Award – Christian Conrad
Young Investigator Award – Brian Franz
Laboratory Scientist Award – Thomas Martins
Travel Award – Matthew Roforth
Distinguished service award – Antony Baake

 New business

Journal of Immunological MethodsMo O’Gorman; status of the special issue of the JIM.
Invitations were sent to 20 people, 10, responded and 8 speakers submitted articles. At the time of the council meeting, these articles were under their second revision.  and 8 were submitted final versions, now in second revision.

Some of the issues noted were that it was not easy to submit articles through the JIM website and it was challenging to find reviewers.

Sara Nandiwada and Mo O’Gorman will work on the summary and expect the issue to be ready by September, 2019.

Survey Monkey as a tool for CE/CMEJeff Rossio and Tony Bakke
Survey Monkey will be used after each session and information collated for ASCP and ASCLS. Participants may use a 2-D bar code on their phones to access the survey or may use a web link. Consensus was that this will be a much easier and quicker way to collate data. Survey Monkey can also be used for other AMLI matters such as for voting purposes. Chip mail connected to survey-monkey with mass emails to ask people to reply

ABB and collaboration with AMLIVijaya Knight
There was a press-release that ABMLI involvement will strengthen ABB collaboration. ABB requested AMLI diplomates participate in writers’ workshops. AMLI requested more lead time for volunteers to participate. A directory of ABMLI diplomates will help engage volunteers to write/review ABB exam questions.

AMLI and FDA collaborationVijaya Knight
      FDA is wanting to partner with organizations that can offer scientific expertise and would like to reach out to AMLI when needed. Evan Ntrivalas has offered to be the AMLI liaison to the FDA.

AMLI partnership with other associations (CIS, ICCS, FOCIS)Vijaya Knight
AMLI continues to partner with CIS, ICCS and FOCIS on meetings.

Committee Chairs: Suggestion to solicit goals and ideas from committee chairs for the 2018-2019 year

Decided on Cleveland, Ohio for next meeting 2019!! Got a good deal at Renaissance hotel in Cleveland, everyone voted yes! Location to be announced at the business meeting.