Please submit the
Materials Release
Form with your entry!


deadline JUNE 26, 2019

Abstracts that do not conform to the guidelines indicated in the

highlighted areas below will be returned for correction!!!

1. Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts that describe their original results.

2. The abstract must fit on a single 8½” x 11” page, one-side only. Please do not draw lines.

3. The abstract must conform to the following format: Objective; Methods; Results; and Conclusion.

4. Single space all typing, capitalize all letters in the title, underlining the name of the person presenting the paper. 

5. Please email abstract as ONE file, with the file named your last name followed by first name initial. If submitting more than one abstract, please put a number at the end of the file name.

6. Please email all abstracts and abstract release form to

7. Participants whose abstracts are accepted will be assigned to present their work in the scheduled Poster Session.  Poster positions are not assigned ... position is on a first come first served basis.

8. Please include on a separate page of the same file the presenter’s name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, title of abstract, and a restatement of the objectives in the following format:                                                                    

“From viewing and discussing my poster the participants should be able to:   

a. Describe . . . b. Reply . . . c. Evaluate . . .” Objectives must start with an  action verb so that the activity can be measurable.                                                        

9. There are three categories of awards for your abstract submission. The winner of each category will receive a check for $500. Please indicate on your cover page which award you are eligible for.

If you are submitting more than one abstract, please enter only ONE into the competition.

The Young Investigator Award. Applicants must be 35 years old or younger.
Dr. Peter Maxim Memorial Clinical Laboratory Scientist Award. Applicants are to be a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.
Doctorate Award. Applicants are to be a Ph.D. or M.D.

10. In addition, please indicate on your cover page whether you would like to be considered for one of a limited number of $1000 Travel Allowance Scholarships.


Y. Inada, J. Sulzberger, and W. S. Clark, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hosp., Columbia Univ., New York, NY USA 

Objective: We have demonstrated that the absence of . . . 
Methods: Ten of 18 AIDS patients . . . 
Results: All control AIDS patients . . .
Conclusion: Our observations to date suggest . . .